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Hosts failed to update BMC BIOS and DIAG - PureData System for Analytics

Technote (troubleshooting)


Host Firmware Updater fails to update BMC, BIOS and DIAG because IMM userid and passwords are not set to default.



*** F I R M W A R E U P D A T E R -- H o s t ***

FDT 4.1 - /opt/nz/fdt/log/firmware_updater_date-time.log

User will be prompted after prerequisites are checked.
Now checking that cluster manager is stopped
Now checking that NPS is stopped
Now preparing and testing file transfer
Now querying nodes for info
Now checking validity of host detail
Now gathering firmware details
Now preparing for host update
-------------------------------TARGET COMPONENTS-------------------------------
Host BIOS will be updated on:
- RACK # : HOST #
Host BMC will be updated on:
- RACK # : HOST #
Host DIAG will be updated on:
- RACK # : HOST #
Host ETHERNET will be updated on:
- RACK # : HOST #
Now copying content to target hosts
Now evaluating completed BMC updates

These hosts failed to update BMC:
- RACK # : HOST #

Now evaluating completed BIOS updates

These hosts failed to update BIOS:
- RACK # : HOST #

Now evaluating completed DIAG updates

These hosts failed to update DIAG:
- RACK # : HOST #

Now evaluating completed ETHERNET updates
Now completing updates

These hosts received updates that will not take effect until after a
- RACK # : HOST #

They may show some revisions as below until this reboot is done.
Please manually reboot these hosts.

Now cleaning up
Now removing the lock file
Final Status
Total Failures
Main log file - /opt/nz/fdt/log/firmware_updater_date-time.log


IMM userid and password is not set to default USERID/PASSW0RD


Upgrading to FDT 4.1

Diagnosing the problem

1 - Test IMM login from each host to determine if login is set to default values.

2 - Gather all logs under /opt/nz/fdt/log for further analysis anytime ./firmware_updater Host fails on either host to determine or confirm root cause.
3 - Review /opt/nz/fdt/log/host/bmc/host_bmc_<same timestamp as main firmware updater log>_<failing host>.txt and look for the following error message:

    Error flashing firmware: 0x11 (Authentication witin IMM error.)

Resolving the problem


1 - Set IMM userid and password to default values USERID/PASSW0RD on both hosts. Note: that is a zero in PASSW0RD.
2 - Upgrade can be reattempted on failing host(s) using --alias 'ha2' or --alias 'ha1' depending on host.

If firmware_updater host failures persists or IMM userid/password cannot be reset to default at this time, upgrade outdated host(s) manually:
1 - Extract package under /opt/nz/fdt/common/firmware/host
2 - Make all files executable using chmod +x *
3 - Upgrade necessary components using corresponding files as follows:

      ./ibm_fw_<component>_<version>_linux_32-64.bin -s
      ./ibm_fw_imm_yuoof7c-1.41_linux_32-64.bin -s ./ibm_fw_uefi_d6e160a-1.18_linux_32-64.bin -s ./ibm_fw_dsa_dsyta9c-9.32_linux_32-64.bin -s

Document information

More support for: PureData System for Analytics
System Upgrade

Software version: 1.0.0

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1676030

Modified date: 06 October 2016