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Create a datasource using Windows Authentication in Guardium

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How to create a datasource using Windows Authentication


A Datasource is needed for connectivity for Vulnerability Assessments (VA), Discovery, etc to a Windows server requiring Windows Authentication.


2 steps are required to configure an MSSQL datasource using Windows Authentication:

Step 1.) Download a JDBC driver from Note* YOU MUST GO TO THE SOURCEFORGE SITE FOR MSSQL (do not go to Microsoft or you’ll get the following error when you try to use this driver in the datasource)

Download, Extract and apply (upload to the CM) the latest jtds-xxx.jar file

Upload the JDBC driver (jar file) on the CM using the Customer Uploads function on the Administration Console:

(optional) From the CM you can then use the 'Distribute Uploaded Jar Files' to distribute the JDBC driver (jar file) to the managed units from which you need to connect using this jdbc, if any.

Step 2.) Configure datasource to use windows-authentication for MS SQL Server:

After step 1 you'll now have 2 MS SQL SERVER database types, choose the one WITHOUT "Datadirect" and configure as normal
Also add, in the connection property field domain=<your domain>

Note* The username in the datasource doesn't need to have the domain prepended.

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