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How to restrict file and Folder deletion in IBM RTC

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How do you restrict the user from deleting files and folder in IBM Rational Team Concert


You would like to set additional security to your current RTC Configuration setup



  1. Open -> RTC Eclipse Client-->Connect to the Project Area

  2. Right-click on Project Area name and select -> Open

  3. Move to process configuration Tab

  4. Expand Team Configuration

  5. Select Operation Behavior

  6. From the list of operations in right-hand side, scroll to the end and expand Source Control -> Deliver_Phase_2.

  7. Click on the filed in front of Deliver_Phase_2 for Everyone Role/ any specific role.

  8. Select the checkbox "Precondition and follow-up actions are configured for this operation".

  9. Now click add in Preconditions box and select "Restrict Changes by Item Name"

  10. Save the configuration.

  11. Add a rule that says for "*" (i.e. all files) the "deletion" operation is prevented.

  12. This precondition will be applicable only to the roles defined in the PA. You have to decide on which role you need to apply this precondition.

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Modified date: 15 July 2014