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FAQ: Software downloads for IBM SmartCloud Notes customers

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As a SmartCloud Notes Administrator, how can I search for and download Notes client and other software I am entitled to from the Software Downloads page?


Administrators will be able to download IBM Notes client and other software as a part of the user's entitlement associated with their subscription. These downloads are available from the IBM Connections Cloud Downloads and Setup page. Software downloads are only accessible to administrators, giving them control over how to distribute client code to their users who are subscribers, and control over how to distribute applicable server software code to other administrators. (Examples of server software code include: Sametime Limited Use server for an on-premises configuration or a Traveler server to support on-premises users who have not yet moved to the service). This software download enhancement is available for the named administrators of accounts with SmartCloud Notes and Connections Cloud S1 subscriptions, and administrators will be able to search for the appropriate software download package by version, language, etc.


1. Access the Software Downloads page

a. Click the arrow next to your photo in the dashboard and then select Downloads and Setup from the menu.

b. Then click View - Available software

c. Result: the IBM Software Downloads page is displayed

2. You can Find by search text, Find by brand or Find by part number (see some common part numbers in the table at the bottom of this technote).

Example: Type the partial or full name of the entitlement software under Find by search text, then click .

Example : Find by search text

Search Tips:

For some software, including the version number will help refine your search results. For others, try searching on general terms:

IF you want to find... THEN type...
the Notes 9.01 client Notes 9.0.1
the Notes 8.5 client Notes 8.5
IBM Client Application Access Client Application Access
IBM Sametime Community Server Limited Use V9.0 Windows Multilingual Sametime Community Server


Note: In some cases, a "Clear Saved Preferences" button is visible. If zero (0) results are returned, click the "Clear Saved Preferences" button to run the search again.

3. Narrow your results. Use the Search filter options to select a language and /or platform (operating system) for the product you want to download, then click Search.

4. View the results and select an image for download.

5. Click and read the license agreement for the image you wish to download.
  • This window contains the General Terms and the License Information. To go directly to the point in the document where the License Information begins, click Go to License Information ("LI").
  • Set the language to whatever language you want to read.

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, select "I agree" then Download now.

7. The download begins.

Note: Download Director is the default download method. When you use Download Director, give it permission to Run when you are prompted.


Q: What Notes client version should I download?

A: Downloading the latest version of the IBM Notes client is recommended. The latest version is IBM Notes Client 9.0.1 Social Edition Standard Configuration. If your company uses Notes version 8.5.x, you can download those versions. For SmartCloud Notes, IBM Notes 8.5.1 with FP 5 Standard Configuration is the minimum client requirement for as long as it is supported. Although the Notes Basic client is available for download, it is only supported for on-premises use.

Q: What additional software is available to SmartCloud Notes administrators for download and where can it be used?

A: There are many images that can be downloaded across multiple products, languages, versions, etc... Use of the software is governed by the service Terms of Use and the associated License Information.

  • Currently supported versions of the Notes client are available for use on-premises and in the service as part of the entitlement associated with the subscription.
  • Currently supported versions of the Sametime server, the Traveler server and the Connections Profiles and Files server software are available for use on-premises as part of the entitlement associated with the user subscription.

Q: What languages of the Notes client can I download from IBM Software Downloads?

A: You can search for and download the Notes client in any of the available languages. Please note that the user interface (UI) of the IBM Software Downloads tool is in English only.

Q: How do I control or limit what is returned in a search?

A: A broad search may result in too many images. For example, if you search on the term "Notes", hundreds of images will be returned. However you can control your results by filtering on product version, language and operating system. For example, if you search on Notes 9.0.1, your results may be around 130 images, which you can then narrow to 10 or so images if you filter on English, French and the Windows platform.

Q: Is an IBM ID required to download the IBM Notes client or other software from IBM Connections Cloud (formerly SmartCloud for Social Business)?

A: No, an IBM ID is not used for the download procedure described in this document. For access to the software download site from the IBM Connections Cloud Downloads and Setup page, you must be logged into Connections Cloud as the administrator of an account with a SmartCloud Notes or Connections Cloud S1 subscription. Use of the software is governed by the service Terms of Use and the associated License Information.

Q: What if I do not see the eAssembly I am looking for?

A: The software images are available independently on the Images tab. Switch to the Images tab to locate the software you need.

Q: If I want to search for by part number, what are some common part numbers?

A: Please note, you must be entitled to the software for the part number search to return results.

Here are some common downloads by part number:

Software Download Name Associated Part number(s)
IBM Notes 9.0.1 for Windows English CIQ7REN
IBM Notes 9.0.1 for Mac English CN3B9EN
IBM Client Application Access V1.0.0 32 Bit Windows English CN5NKEN
IBM Client Application Access V1.0.0 32bit Windows Multilingual Full Kit CN5PPML
IBM Notes Browser Plug-in V9.0.1 for Win English full CIQ90EN
IBM Notes, Domino Designer and Admin V9.0.1 for Windows XP,Vista and Windows 7 32 Bit English CIQ91EN
IBM Sametime Connect Client Limited Use V9.0 Windows, x86 Linux, Mac Multilingual CITN1ML
IBM Sametime Community Server Limited Use V9.0 Windows Multilingual CITN2ML
IBM Sametime Community Server Limited Use V9.0 AIX, Linux Multilingual CITN3ML
IBM Sametime Community Server Limited Use V9.0 IBM i Multilingual CITN4ML
IBM Sametime Proxy Server V9.0 Windows, X86 Linux, AIX, IBM i Multilingual CIQ48ML
IBM Sametime Community Server V8.5.2 IFR 1 IBM i Multilingual CI3YBML
IBM Sametime Community Server V8.5.2 IFR 1 AIX, x86 Linux, Solaris Multilingual CI3YAML
IBM Sametime Community Server V8.5.2 IFR 1 Windows Multilingual CI3Y9ML
IBM Notes Basic Configuration V9.0.1 Fix Pack 1 for Windows English CIX3UEN
IBM Mail Onboarding Manager v1.0 for IBM Domino Enterprise client access V9.0.1 Windows Multilingual eAssembly CRVT8ML
IBM Mail Onboarding Manager 1.0 for Windows Multilingual CN5PYML
Quickr CRDG4ML and CZU1SML

Note: Search results default to the eAssemblies tab and for a temporary period of time not all eAssemblies are available. eAssemblies are groups of images. Those groupings are a form of search result. Downloading an entire eAssembly is rarely performed due to download size and time required. Searching on part of a specific product name or version number, then viewing search results in the Image tab is a more efficient way of finding desired image(s).

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