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How to automatcially remove RCL_API_Log_Sample files from UrbanCode Deploy Server bin directory

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How do you automatically remove RCL_API_Log_Sample files from the IBM UrbanCode Deploy Server bin directory?


IBM UrbanCode Deploy generates RCL_API_Log_Sample file at start up.
You can remove RCL_API_Log_Sample files from IBM Urbancode Deploy Server bin directory if you choose.

You may also need to remove RCL_API_Log_Sample files based on defect APAR PI12564.


Below is a method that allows you to automatically delete the files whenever the server stop command is run:


  1. Go to <ibmucd_home>bin/
  2. Open the server file with a text editor
  3. Add the following line to the file ---Stop--- section:

    rm -f RCL_API_Log_Sample*

    For example:

    # -- Stop ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    elif [ "$1" = "stop" ] ; then

     cd "$SERVER_HOME/bin"

     rm -f RCL_API_Log_Sample*

     command_line="exec \"$javacmd\" "$JAVA_OPTS" -jar \
       \"$SERVER_HOME/bin/launcher.jar\" \"$SERVER_HOME/bin/classpath.conf\" \
       $stop_class 2>&1"
     eval $command_line

  4. Save the file

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