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This is a listing of the basic Tell Traveler commands and the expected results.


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Command Action
Load traveler Start the Notes Traveler server task
Tell Traveler Shutdown Stops the server from accepting new work requests, allows current work to
complete, and then quits.
Tell Traveler Quit The shutdown command waits for any pending syncs to complete and then quits. The
quit command does not wait for any pending syncs to complete and quits in a much shorter amount of
time. The default quit time for shutdown is 300 seconds, and 40 seconds for quit. You can override the
default shutdown and quit time by setting the notes.ini parameters NTS_MAINTASK_SHUTDOWN_WAIT_TIME
and NTS_MAINTASK_QUIT_WAIT_TIME. The values are in seconds
Restart Task Traveler Restarts the Notes Traveler task
Tell Traveler Help Displays Help topics
Tell Traveler Version Displays the version information for the IBM Notes Traveler server.
Tell Traveler Active Displays the users who are currently synchronizing with the server.
Tell Traveler Users Displays the users allocated on the server. This is useful in an HA environment for
understanding how users are spread over the various HA servers. This is not a specific HA command.
Tell Traveler dump user Dumps the information about the specified user to a file
Tell traveler User user Displays all the information and devices associated with the specified user. This
command also validates whether the user is correctly configured for IBM Notes Traveler server
Tell Traveler Security AllStatus Displays status of all users and devices
Tell Traveler Security status user Displays status of user and devices owned
Tell traveler stat show *

Additional info can be found in TN 1613598
Displays the Lotus Notes Traveler server statistics.

List of all the Traveler statistics that have been collected since the stats were last reset (the statistics are automatically reset each time the Traveler process is restarted).
Tell Traveler Stat Clear Clears the IBM Notes Traveler server statistics
Tell traveler Memory / Tell Traveler Mem Show Displays the amount of memory that IBM Notes Traveler is using and how much memory is free for use
Tell Traveler Threads Display server thread pools and thread information
Tell Traveler Security Delete device user Removes the device
Tell Traveler Reset device user Forces a sync reset for a device
Tell Traveler Delete device user Deletes all data associated with the specified user, including all device
Tell Traveler Mailreplicas show user Shows current mail replica information being used by IBM Notes Traveler for the user

For a full listing of all Traveler commands, please see the following product documentation:

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High Availability commands
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Status commands
The tell status command for IBM Notes Traveler server is tell traveler status.

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Resetting users and devices
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Diagnostic commands
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