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How to use a generic process to verify uDeploy Mail Server settings

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How do you verify your IBM UrbanCode Deploy Mail Server settings?


Create a Test Email Server Process.

  1. Log in to uDeploy server as an admin

  2. Go to <server>/#system/settings

  3. Verify your Mail Server Settings

  4. Go to <server>#main/processes

  5. Create a new Process

  6. This process has 1 main step: Manual Task

    Select admin

  7. Save the process design

  8. Go the process Dashboard > Select a resource that do have access to the configured mail server > Submit

  • If uDeploy server cannot send out an email, it will generate a mail folder in <udeploy_installed_dir>/var/email/spooled-email-failed directory.
  • Users can use the <udeploy_installed_dir>/var/email/spooled-email-failed/mail-<id>/_error to troubleshot the issue.

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Modified date: 06 December 2014