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How to find out if a reindex is ongoing

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How can you tell if a reindex is currently running in the IBM Rational Jazz Team Server (JTS) and how long it is expected to run?


Sometimes it can be useful to know if a reindex is currently running in the Jazz Team Server.


One way to achieve this is to go to https://<server:port>/jts/indexing where https://<server:port> is the address and port of the actual JTS server. This will produce an XML page. On this page search for the tag jazz:backlog. If any of the jazz:backlog tags show a value above 0 (zero), a reindex is ongoing.



<jazz:lastProcessedXSD rdf:datatype="">2014-01-10T02:23:02.901Z</jazz:lastProcessedXSD>
<jazz:lastProcessed rdf:datatype="">Fri, 10 Jan 2014 02:23:02 GMT</jazz:lastProcessed>
<jazz:lastReceived rdf:datatype="">Fri, 10 Jan 2014 07:44:53 GMT</jazz:lastReceived>
jazz:indexSize rdf:datatype="">17594615</jazz:indexSize>
<jazz:availability rdf:resource=""/>

The above example shows a reindex is ongoing along with some additional data:

  • The 215272 in the backlog represents the number of tasks that remain for this index.
  • The 1047657 for remainingTime represents the remaining time which is based on previous task execution times. In this example 1047657 milli seconds divided by 60000 equals approximately 17 minutes.
  • The 17594615 for jazz:indexSize represents the number of triples in the index.

Each time an item is saved in Requirements Management (RM), the database is updated. The database is now more up to date than the index, so a Task is created to sync the database and index. A task is a create, update, delete, and more, of an index. Each task extracts resource data from the database, converts it to a triple (the entity that is stored in the index), and stores it according to the task type. When the database has a newer entry than the index, the index needs to be updated from a task.

The index is made up of these triples.

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