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How to remove Rational Rhapsody generated Annotations

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How do you remove the Annotations that are generated by IBM Rational Rhapsody?


You want a more refined version of the code without tagged sections.


Annotations are comment lines starting with a comment symbol and two pound signs (/*##).

For example:  /*## package Default */

These Annotations can be completely removed from the code by using the CG::File::InvokePostProcessor property to invoke a script that strips them; however, it is not recommended to completely remove the Annotations because Annotations demarcate new sections in the code and therefore play an important role in tracing between design constructs and the corresponding code.

Roundtrip capabilities and error highlighting also depend on them. Hence, doing so hinders tracing between the model and the code and might interfere with ability of the software to animate your model.

Note: Applying the Code Centric settings on the project turns off much of the generated Annotations.

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