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Operational Decision Manager V8 fails to install on WebSphere Application Server V7

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When installing Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Version 8 with Decision Center and Decision Server on WebSphere Application Server Version 7, you might see the following error message in Installation Manager:
"Unable to determine the WebSphere application server edition at the selected location (base or network deployment is required)."
You can work around this error if you clear some of the default installation options.


Sample Server and Decision Server Events depend on a specific version of WebSphere Application Server. For example, when you install ODM V8 with the Sample Server or Decision Server Events selected as installable components, the installer does not recognize WebSphere Application Server V7 because the installer looks for swtag files in a location that is specific to WebSphere Application Server V8.
The required files are located in the following path: <WAS_HOME>/properties/version/WebSphere_Application_Server_Network_Deployment.8.0.0.swtag or <WAS_HOME>/properties/version/WebSphere_Application_Server.8.0.0.swtag


In order to proceed with the installation, you must clear the selection boxes for Sample Server and Decision Server Events. When this is done, the installer does not use the WebSphere Application Server V8 file paths and the installation can continue.

A Request For Enhancement (RFE) has been filed to improve the error message that is displayed in the Installation Manager so that the message reflects the source of the error: RFE ID 37175

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Software version: 8.0

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Modified date: 05 August 2013