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Clarification regarding support for "Unsupported" Registry type in Jazz Team Server

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Can Jazz Team Server be configured to use the build-in registry in IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS), or mixed with LDAP for authentication?


The Jazz Team Server supports Tomcat and LDAP for authentication and application integration. For servers that run on IBM WebSphere, you may choose to mix LDAP and the WAS build-in repository, or just the WAS build-in repository for authentication, as there are some corporate environments that require such custom authentication mechanisms. The WAS build-in repository is categorized as "Unsupported" registry type in Jazz. When an Unsupported registry is used, the degradation is seen in the loss of the following in Jazz:

  1. LDAP nightly sync of user records into the Jazz repository

  2. The ability to import users

  3. The ability to display a user system roles (such as: JazzUsers, JazzAdmins) in the User Interface (UI)

  4. Esignature will not work

The consequences of 1 and 2 above are that you will have to separately maintain the user lists in the repository realm and in the Jazz Team Server and ensure that the user ids match.

Other than the above limitations, the chance that you will run into issues within Jazz which is caused by the Unsupported user registry type is very low. However, we have not fully tested this registry type and cannot guarantee it to be 100% error free.


IBM Rational does not provide explicit support for configuring Unsupported registry with web containers. Customers would need to assume that responsibility. Rational will support the Jazz Team Server running with an Unsupported registry, given the restrictions noted above.

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Software Development Rational Quality Manager RQM Server AIX, Linux, Windows 3.0.1,,,,,, 4.0,,, 4.0.1
Software Development Rational Requirements Composer Team Server Windows, Linux, Windows, Linux 3.0.1,,,,,, 4.0,,, 4.0.1, 3.0.1,,,,,, 4.0,,, 4.0.1

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More support for: Rational Team Concert
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Modified date: 07 March 2013