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ClearCase support for Microsoft Windows 8 Operating system

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Does IBM Rational ClearCase support the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system?


IBM Rational ClearCase Native clients and IBM Rational ClearTeam Explorer clients are supported on Windows 8.

IBM Rational ClearCase version added support for Microsoft Windows 8 with certain known issues and limitations as listed below.

Note: Microsoft Windows 8 is supported with ClearCase or later. There are no plans to provide support in earlier ClearCase versions.

Known Issues:

  • When running ClearCase with UAC enabled, certain command line operations which require administrator privilege will return errors even when run by a user who is in the Administrators group.

    Some examples of such commands and the ensuing errors are:

    cleartool getcache -mvfs -reset
    cleartool: Error: Unable to enable MVFS privileges

    cleartool setcache -mvfs -persistent_only { ... cache value seting(s) ...}
    cleartool: Error: Unable to set persistent MVFS parameters: error detected by ClearCase subsystem.

    cleartool setcache -mvfs { ... cache value seting(s) ...}
    cleartool: Warning: One or more requested parameters affect other cache values that cannot be changed until you make the changes persistent and restart ClearCase.
    cleartool: Error: Unable to enable MVFS privileges

    mvfslog.exe { ... logging options ...}
    mvfslog.exe: Error: Unable to enable MVFS privileges.

    mvfsstat.exe { ... statistics options ... }
    mvfsstat.exe: Unable to enable MVFS privileges

    Password: { ... }
    rgy_passwd: Error: Error 5 setting registry password in the NT registry.

    Workaround: These commands will succeed if they are invoked from a cmd shell that was started with the "Run as administrator" option.

    Refer to technote 1444765 for a list of additional known issues that can occur when using ClearCase with User Account Control (UAC).

  • Technote 1446079 Clearmake parallel builds fail on Windows reporting abe warnings: failed to startup in the time allotted

  • Technote 1614898 Executing certain IBM® Rational® ClearCase commands from Microsoft® Windows® PowerShell


  • The Eclipse version bundled with CCRC and ClearTeam Explorer (CTE) RCP in version 8.0, which is Eclipse 3.6.2, is not officially supported on Microsoft Windows 8, however, testing has not uncovered any issues to date. Refer to the Eclipse 3.6.2 Project Release Notes for further information.

A Request for enhancement (RFE) was opened requesting ClearCase support for Microsoft Windows 8.

You can view the status or post comments for RFE RATLC01541227 on the Rational Software RFE Community Web site.

Rational RFE Community homepage

Refer to the Rational RFE Community homepage for details and status of Requests for Enhancements for Rational products.

Updated information about ClearCase system requirements including operating system support for the various ClearCase versions is available in the following document:

Document # 7008776 Rational ClearCase System Requirements List

Installing Rational ClearCase on Microsoft Windows 8

Follow the instructions documented in the IBM Rational ClearCase 8.0 Information Center.

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