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How to set Field Level Auditing

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How to enable Field Level Audits


Please understand that if you want to enable field level auditing, you will increase the amount of data that is being stored, which can potentially cause a performance issue if not carefully planned. This type of Audit should only be done after careful thought and consideration has been made. This should not be done for all fields, but only for the fields that would most require an explanation or justification for data change or additions. Please be cautious of this when setting up the audits.

Resolving the problem

To enable field level auditing you will need to follow the below steps:

1. Enable Auditing in the BO properties (you will want to select Require Explanation to force the end user to enter a comment to explain the data change.)

2. Enable Auditing in the Field properties (this is a per field selection)

3. Ensure the State Transitions show LOG is selected for the Actions (like Save)

4. Enable Show Audit on the BO properties within the FORM.

When these steps have been completed, the end user will enter/modify data for a specific field, select an action like SAVE, and will be prompted to enter a quick description of the change. Once this is complete you can then select the Audit tab to view the changes made and the explanation as to why the data was changed .

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