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How to manually configure Rational License keys to the license key server

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How to manually configure IBM Rational License Keys to the IBM Rational License Key Server?


For deployment purposes of Rational License keys.


Find the list of steps mentioned below that is involved in manually configuring IBM Rational License Keys to the IBM Rational License Key Server:

  1. Edit the Permanent license key generated and downloaded from the license key center website

  2. Copy from the SERVER line until the end of the license file

  3. Navigate to Rational_server_perm.dat file located in the installation directory of the license server
    Default path of the license server installation is C:\program files\IBM\RationalRLKS\common for a 32 bit OS and C:\program files (X86)\IBM\RationalRLKS\common for a 64 bit OS

  4. Edit the Rational_server_perm.dat file and paste the copied contents of the license file below the existing package lines

  5. Save the Rational_server_perm.dat file

  6. Navigate to Start > All Programs > IBM Rational > License Tools

  7. Select Config Services tab

  8. In the path to the license file, point the location of the license file to Rational_server_perm.dat which was edited recently

  9. Click Save Services

  10. Navigate to Start/Stop/Reread the License File

  11. Click on Stop Server, Start Server and then Reread the License File

  12. Close the License Tools

  13. Open IBM Rational License key administrator from Start > All Programs > IBM Rational >
    Note: For Windows 7 and 2008 OS right click on IBM Rational License key administrator and select run as administrator

  14. Navigate to Settings > Client/server configuration

  15. Check Use License Server and then click Add Server

  16. In the server name replace New Server with the exact hostname of the license server machine

  17. Click OK

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