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QRadar: How to sign-up for information from the QRadar Support Team



IBM Support provides assistance with product defects, technical notes, FAQs, and helps users resolve problems with the product. This article walks customers through the process of signing up for important support information.


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1. Signing up for IBM My Notifications

My Notifications is an active email / RSS feed for customers to keep up to date on new and important technical support content regarding the IBM products you administer. IBM My Notifications is a critical outlet of information for QRadar Support to notify users of issues. Content from IBM My Notifications can include: APARs (reported problems), technical notes, event information, flash notices, security bulletins, and more. IBM My Notifications requires an IBM ID, which is a free sign-up for all users.

Before you begin
If you do not already have an IBM ID, you must create one. If you navigate to, you will be asked to log in. If you do not have an IBM ID, you can use the 'Create an IBMid' button.

A. How to sign-up for IBM My Notifications

  1. Navigate to IBM My Notifications:
  2. In the Product lookup field, type QRadar.
  3. Click +Subscribe next to a product you want to receive notifications about.
  4. A document list is provided, by default all document types are selected. Most customers can leave all check boxes selected.

    At minimum, QRadar support recommends that the following document types be enabled.:
    • Security Bulletins - Notices to advise administrators of potential reported vulnerabilities and software versions that remediate vulnerabilities.
    • Flashes - Critical notices sent from QRadar Support to advise customers of a potential software or hardware issue.
    • Troubleshooting - All information under this category should be selected. This will advise users on problems reported (APARs), technical notes from QRadar Support, and more.
    • Product information and publications - This category contains release note notifications for new QRadar software versions.
    • News - Includes important, but not dangerous news, as well as periodic Newsletter publications
    • Webcasts - Announces live Open Mic opportunities.
  5. Click Submit.

    A check mark indicates that you are subscribed to IBM My Notifications for a specific product. Administrators can repeat this procedure to subscribe to multiple QRadar products.

    A. How to Configure RSS Feeds
    1. To receive an RSS / ATOM feed URL, click the Links icon in the subscription area.
    2. Select the RSS or ATOM feed for your browser or preferred reader.



    B. How to set your email delivery preferences
    You can configure your email delivery preferences after you have created your subscription. In the delivery preferences options, you can also change your email address for notification emails. Delivery preferences apply to every subscription. You cannot customize delivery preferences for a specific subscriptions.

    1. Click the Delivery Preferences button.
    2. Select the email frequency for your product notifications: Daily or Weekly.
    3. Select the email format for your emails: HTML or Plain text.
    4. Optional. Administrators can change your preferred language and enable or disable machine translation of emails.
    5. Click Submit to save your changes.




2. QRadar Support Newsletters online


3. Getting help in the QRadar forums

QRadar Support monitors an official forum for customer questions. Customers who want to ask questions about features, QRadar functionality, or have general questions for any QRadar product can use our forums. The forums are a great place to get feedback from not only QRadar Support, but also other administrators and users who work with QRadar daily.

dw Answers: What you need to know

  1. dw Answers URL for QRadar tags:
  2. The dw Answers forums are tag driven. Up to 8 tags can be added to a single forum question.
  3. The QRADAR tag must be used in every forum post.
  4. Searches can be done for the term QRadar, this will also pick up tags.
  5. To get help, you can always use @username to get the attention of a support representative. Example, @jonathan.pechta (IBM)
  6. Follow tags such as QRADAR, RISK MANAGER, FORENSICS, SCANNERS to be alerted to posts on topics that interest you.
  7. Customers get more customization options on how they want to interact with the forums, such as notification preferences, following custom tags via RSS, and have more methods of contributing using reputation.
  8. Reputation allows you to create and edit
  9. Earn badges to prove your expertise. For more information, see badges.
  10. The ability to open a forum question on any Technical Note from support or any APAR is you have additional questions. See "Social Tech Notes" for information about this feature.

    List of tags



4. Social Technotes

When you access support content such as tech notes or APARs, you might see a new "Community questions and discussion" feature at the bottom of these documents, is our new Social Technote addon. Social technotes allow any reader to engage the author, support representatives, or forum users by asking a question of the content, which creates a forum post for experts to review and answer.

We encourage deeper social engagement across IBMers and clients alike, enabling this feature supports open discussions and allows us to use our social capabilities to deliver and discover solutions in a community-based format.

For more information on this topic, see the video here:



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