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Messaging Engine starting problem with the error message: CWSOM1042E

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Your WebSphere Application Server Messaging Engine is not starting. You see the following errors in SystemOut.log:

CWSIS0002E: The messaging engine encountered an exception while starting.
Exception: Unexpected exception caught starting persistent message store:

CWSOM1042E: ObjectStore=AbstractObjectStore(/<PATH to file store Log>/*)/<some id>(ObjectStore) was asked to allocate space for ManagedObject=ManagedObject(null/null)/Constructed/<some id>(ManagedObject) when it was full.

CWSIS1574E: The file stores permanent store file is full.

CWSOM0003I: ObjectManager using logFile /<PATH to file store Log>/Log has shut down.

CWSID0035E: Messaging engine <ME NAME> cannot be started; detected error reported
during start()


Messaging Engine does not start. File store has a space constraint during Messaging Engine startup.


The CWSOM1042E message indicates a space constraint for the file store has prevented the messaging engine from starting.

Diagnosing the problem

You see the following errors in SystemOut.log:

CWSIS1002E error with a nested error message of CWSM1042E and range of CWSIS1573E - CWSIS1575E also exists.

CWSIS1573E: The file store's log file is full.
CWSIS1574E: The file store's permanent store file is full.
CWSIS1575E: The file store's temporary store file is full.

Explanation of the above messages is that the file store has no more space in the temporary store/permanent store/log file to store messages. This could be due to an unexpected build up of messages or the file size being too small.

Resolving the problem

Clean up any excess messages or if necessary increase the size of the file store's log file or permanent store file or temporary store file. The CWSIS157*E message will indicate which file you need to update.

1) You can use the Service Integration Destination Handler tool to remove the messages from the queue.
Note: This tool is provided in good faith and AS-IS. There is no warranty or further service implied or committed and any supplied sample code is not supported from IBM product service channels.

2) You can access the MBean for a SIB Queue Point (the localization of a queue on a particular messaging engine) using a combination of the ME name and Queue name. It deletes all the messages in one go. You need to use the wsadmin commands for this as mentioned below.

    objName = AdminControl.makeObjectName('WebSphere:type=SIBQueuePoint,SIBMessagingEngine=MyNode.MyServer-MyBus,name=MyQueueName,*')
    qps = AdminControl.queryNames_jmx(objName, None)
    qp = qps[0]
    AdminControl.invoke_jmx(qp, 'deleteAllQueuedMessages', [java.lang.Boolean('false')], ['java.lang.Boolean'])

3) Hints and tips for configuring file store size

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WebSphere Application Server WAS SIB SIBUS SI BUS

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