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As of 14 August 2012, IBM i2 Intelligence offerings are fully supported through IBM. This guide provides information regarding the technical support, how to find self-help information and reach the remote support teams.


The IBM Support Portal is a unified, customizable view of all technical support tools and information for IBM systems, software, and services. It brings all the support resources available for IBM hardware and software offerings together in one place.
The IBM Support Portal provides powerful features that make it fast and easy to find the exact information or tool you need. With it you can:

  • Select your IBM products and the task at hand for direct access to all pertinent resources.
  • Browse featured support links that guide you to the most critical and useful information and tools.
  • Filter the results of a simple text search with one click to pinpoint the most appropriate documents.
  • Personalize the pages to include exactly the type of information you need, arranged most effectively for you.

If you are looking for End of Support (EOS) information for any product, visit the product support lifecycle page.

Note: Service Request ( SR) is accessible from the Support Portal or any Support Pages. IBM provides the SR tool to electronically submit and manage Problem Management Records (PMRs) on the Web for more control over your PMRs. Use SR to Open a Case (open a ticket) with support.

Click here to open a case < link >.

Below are some useful starting points for exploring IBM support:
IBM has also produced the following introduction presentation. This presentation provides all the useful links and phone numbers you will need to access support within IBM. It introduces the Support Portal, the new procedures and outlines what has changed between i2 and IBM support. You can download the PDF here:

How to Access Support Post August 14th.pdfHow to Access Support Post August 14th.pdf

UK Specific flyer - This is an additional document produced for the benefit of UK Clients.

The purpose of this flyer is to provide recommendations in getting the best possible service from IBM i2 Technical Support in the UK.

10264 IBM i2 Support Flyer_HR.pdf10264 IBM i2 Support Flyer_HR.pdf

Visit to download the Acrobat reader to open PDF files.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Smarter Cities i2 Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri
Smarter Cities i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium
Smarter Cities i2 Enterprise Intelligence Analysis
Smarter Cities i2 iBase
Smarter Cities i2 Information Exchange for Analysis Search for Analyst's Notebook
Smarter Cities i2 Information Exchange for Analysis Search Services SDK
Smarter Cities i2 Analyze
Smarter Cities i2 Intelligence Analysis Portfolio

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