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How to generate license keys for Rational Products from Rational License Key Center website

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How do you generate IBM Rational Products license keys from IBM Rational License Key Center (LKC) website?


You would like to generate license keys for Rational Products to activate your application.


In order to generate the license keys, apply the steps below:

  1. Navigate to IBM Rational License Key Center Website

    • If you have not registered your ID and Password to access LKC, see Technote 1250403 How to obtain license keys for IBM Rational products and follow the steps 'add yourself as a member of your company's License Key Center account'
    • If you have registered but forgot your password, click Forgot your password? link to send Password Finder email to reset the password.

  2. Select the license account (In case if multiple license account access is provided)

  3. Click on Get Keys in the left navigation pane under section My License Keys

  4. Select the desired product from the Product line list

  5. Select the type of license key that you need to generate from the list displayed

  6. Check (Select) the respective check box and Next

  7. License Key generation process:

    1. Floating license keys

      • Disk Serial Number is 8 characters
      • Ethernet Address is 12 characters
      • Special Character should be removed or avoided in the host id section

    2. Node Locked/Authorized user license keys

    3. Activation kits

      • Select the desired product from the Product line list for which Activation kits needs to be generated
      • Select the version of the product for which Activation kit is required

        Note: Activation kits are version dependent

  8. Click Generate

  9. Once the license key is generated then click on Download Keys

  10. Transfer the license key to the system where it needs to be imported to the License Key Server

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