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How to remove users that are no longer needed in Favorite Users list within IBM Rational Change.

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How can you remove users from the "Choose Favorite Users" list in Rational Change?


The following screenshot is where the users are being seen that you would like to have
removed from the list. To remove the users from the right hand side (Favorite Users)
you just need to select a name and click the remove button in the center.

To remove from the left hand side (Users in Scope) you need to remove from the database.


The Custom User List contains all the database users even those that are not Change users.
It may show users that do not appear in the User Administration dialog within Change.

This is by design. For instance you might want to assign a Synergy user a task even though
that user is not in Change. This is possible because the Custom User List is showing the database

To remove the users from the list a Synergy session needs to be started against the database in question as ccm_root.

  1. "ccm users" is run and a text window will appear.
  2. Search for the user in the list and delete from the list and save.
  3. Login as admin to Change and click on administration > general tab > and finally "load configuration data".
  4. Login as a user and the username will be removed from the list.

Additionally, if the individual users still have that particular deleted user on the right hand side 'Favorite Users' list, then they would just need to remove it from their list using the center button to remove.

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