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Fix Pack install fails using Smart Upgrade with Attached Batch File

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Upgrading to a Fix Pack using Smart Upgrade fails with the error "Upgrade did not complete successfully. Please try again or check with your Notes administrator".

The Smart Upgrade kit contains a batch file (.bat) with the MSIEXEC command line.


Upgrading to a Fix Pack using a .bat file, within a Smart Upgrade kit, fails with the error "Upgrade did not complete successfully. Please try again or check with your Notes administrator"


After further investigation, it was determined that the cause of the issue is the MSI's inability to find the fix.ini within extracted Fix Pack installation package.

This error would only occur when using the MSIEXEC command within a .bat file, attached to a Smart Upgrade kit. Running the batch file alone or using setup.exe (instead of MSIEXEC) does not reproduce error or problem.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Extract the Fix Pack 4 installation package for 8.5.2
  2. Create a batch file with following command line:

    msiexec /i ClientUpdate.msi /passive
  3. Attach .bat file to Smart upgrade kit (complete all required SU fields)
  4. In Lotus Notes, run Smart Upgrade (i.e. Tools --> Notes Client Upgrade).

RESULT: Smart Upgrade Install will fail with the following error:

"Upgrade did not complete successfully. Please try again or check with your Notes administrator."

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering in SPR TMDS8UWHCP, and is currently under investigation.


  • Lotus Notes 8.5.x
  • Fix Packs
  • Smart Upgrade

Diagnosing the problem

To diagnose the issue, enable verbose MSI logging using the /l*v parameter.

MSI verbose logging (i.e. /l*v) will show that the MSI is not finding the fix.ini in the location where the install files are stored, because the MSI has the wrong "Installpath" location.

In the following example, the path where the install is located is in C:\temp\FP4. However, the log file shows the SETUPEXEDIR as 'C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\framework'.

    Excerpt from verbose log:
    Adding SETUPEXEDIR property. Its value is 'C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\framework

The fix.ini is stored in the deploy\hotfix subdirectory of the SETUPEXEDIR. In the above example, the SETUPEXEDIR is incorrect. Therefore, the resulting fix.ini location is also invalid.

    Excerpt from verbose log:
    ini location is C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\framework\deploy\hotfix\fix.ini

Therefore, the installation fails because the fix is actually stored in C:\temp\FP4 where the ClientUpdate.MSI is located.

    Error from verbose log:
    PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying HOTFIXTEXT property. Its current value is 'TBD'. Its new value: 'Ensure that you are running installer from correct location. Fix.ini can't be located from expected location.'.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this issue, change the reference within the .bat file from the MSIEXEC (i.e. Msiexec /i ClientUpdate.msi) to either setup.exe or the Fix Pack install kit.


Setup.exe /v"/passive"


lotus_notes852FP4_win.exe /v"/passive"

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