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Using lmremove for Floating licenses on the IBM Rational License Key server

Technote (troubleshooting)


When using Floating licenses on the IBM Rational License Key Server a checked out license can be returned prematurely by using the FlexNet application lmutil and the lmremove command. This command has two usages and for some licenses this will fail using one of the syntaxes.


This is caused by a FlexNet limitation and it is currently not being documented in the FlexNet License Administration Guide.

Resolving the problem

When using the lmremove command be sure to use the second syntax variant to force a license return.

As an example if the resulting lmstat listing for the TLSTOK license is
userABC hostDEF displayGHI (v1.0) (lichost/27000 103), start Mon 5/21 9:23
then the lmremove command should be
lmutil lmremove -c 27000@lichost -h TLSTOK lichost 27000 103

Note that if a license is returned by lmremove and the licensed application is still running that license will be reclaimed after a short while and the licensed application may fail to work. Thus this
functionality cannot be used to increase the number of available licenses.

For a detailed description of the FlexNet applications and the lmremove command consult the FlexNet License Administration Guide available at

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