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About the Client Connect Program



The Client Connect Program is a new client care program, which will be initiated by Rational Client Resource Center team to assist clients who are new to Rational Support self-assist tools.


Overview & Objectives:

  • Deliver a personalized online session with demo on IBM Self-Assist tools.
  • Deliver Client Connect (CC) Information Pack (PDF format - attached below)
  • Provide useful links to online resources through e-mail.
  • Help Primary Site Contact (PSC) or Site Technical Contact (STC) of clients new to Rational Support to have a good start.


Contents of Client Connect Session:


Rational License Key Centre(LKC):

  • How to register with LKC account
  • How to generate and manage licenses

Passport Advantage Online (PAO):

  • How to register with PAO
  • How to check Proof of Entitlement (PoE)
  • How to download software and order media

My Support:

  • Manage Notifications
  • Create, review cases

Service Request (SR):

  • How to register with SR
  • Submit, search PMRs



How to enroll:Please have your IBM Customer Number (ICN, can be found on Proof of Entitlement) handy and call us toll free at your local numbers:


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