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FAQ Collection: IBM Netezza Site Technical Contact (STC) and IBM Customer Number (ICN)

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What are some frequently asked questions about the Site Technical Contact (STC) and IBM Customer Number (ICN)?


The following are some common questions and answers about managing your Site Technical Contact (STC) and IBM Customer Number (ICN).
Q1: What is the process to successfully change the Site Technical Contact (STC) for an IBM Customer Number (ICN)?

    A1: Send an email to to contact someone who can walk you through the process. Due to client privacy, only someone from the Client company can authorize these changes.

Q2: Now that I am a Site Technical Contact, how do I manage the others in my organization who need to open and manage IBM Netezza cases?
    A2: As an STC, it is your responsibility to manage your user environment. This management includes adding and authorizing user access as well as assigning the access level.

    To add users, click the User Administration tab in the left pane, followed by the Add tab on the subsequent page. Alternatively, a user can request access by clicking on the My Agreements tab in the left pane. (To do this, the user must know the ICN.) You will be notified of the request, at which point you can approve or deny it.

    Typically, you give a new user full access, which gives them the right to open tickets along with the ability to view and update any other ticket associated with that ICN. You may want to designate one or more users as Administrator so that others have the ability to add and approve users.

    Q3: I have my IBM Customer Numbers (ICN), but how do I know which ICN represents each of my multiple locations?
      A3: You can contact Client Care at to help you walk through managing your multiple ICNs.

    Q4: How can I be notified of any new cases or updates to existing cases for my ICN?
      A4: Users can add multiple "interested parties" to a service request (problem ticket). Each interested party is notified of subsequent updates. However, there is no automated process to add you to update notifications or automatically alert you to new cases.

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