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Does IBM Rational ClearQuest Web support HttpOnly for enhanced security?


HttpOnly is a security enhancement supported by modern browsers. It reduces the probability of hackers accessing sensitive information stored in cookies, impersonating you, and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. You can read more about HttpOnly at this site:


HttpOnly is supported in the following versions and in newer versions of WebSphere and ClearQuest.

  1. For WebSphere 8:
    To enable HttpOnly on session management cookies (for example., JSESSIONID), connect to your WebSphere administration console and go to:

    Application servers > server1 > Session management > Cookies

    Select "Set session cookies to HTTPOnly to help prevent cross-site scripting attacks".

  2. For WebSphere 7 and WebSphere 6.1
    Follow the steps on the link below to set the property. It should include JSESSIONID, e.g.

    (note - cookies specified here are case-insensitive)

    Web container custom properties

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