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About one Oracle database instance hosting multiple Data Warehouse databases in Jazz

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Can one Oracle database instance host multiple Data Warehouse (DW) databases in IBM Rational Jazz?


Not in IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) 3.x, due the following reasons:

  • Oracle does not have the concept of a schema. It has the concept of users owning tables.
  • One single DW database requires a DW user schema, as well as a set of users schema with hard coded names such as Config, RIASSET, RIBA, RICALM, RIDW, RIODS, RISCHK. These users schema can not be renamed, and for that reason, only one DW db can be hosted in one oracle DB instance.

However, DW supports schema prefix in RTC 4.0 and will allow you to host multiple DW databases in one single Oracle DB instance.

Multiple RTC instances sharing the same JTS can use the same data warehouse. There should be one data warehouse per JTS.

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