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Technote (troubleshooting)


The TEM client will not connect to the primary or secondary Relay specified in the besclient.config file.


The besclient.config file is __Relay_Control_Server1 value is always being overwritten with the TEM Server.


This is caused by missing __RelayServer1 and __RelayServer2 settings in the besclient.config file. When the __RelayServer1 and __RelayServer2 settings are missing from the besclient.config file, the TEM client will write the current value from the __Relay_Control_Server1 setting to the besclient.config file and its value will be used by the client as the parent to contact. By default the value for __Relay_Control_Server1 is set to the TEM Root server as defined in the Masthead file. Since the TEM root server is typically unreachable from the Internet, the agent will typically be unable to register and report in to your deployment. Ensuring that you have set __RelayServer1 and __RelayServer2 (in the besclient.config file) to parent relays that are reachable ensures that your client will be able to register and report in to your deployment properly.


Unix Clients

Diagnosing the problem

After installing the TEM client or restarting the TEM client, the client does not check in to the TEM Console and/or report to the correct TEM Relay. The Client Log records that the client is unable connect to the server.

Resolving the problem

1. Shutdown (stop) the besclient.

2. Edit the besclient.config file - add the following settings to point your client to the desired relays. Add the following variables/entries to the besclient.config and replace relay1 and relay2 with your relay and change the port to your specific port number if your solution was not installed with the default port 52311.

value = http://relay1:52311/bfmirror/downloads/

value = http://relay2:52311/bfmirror/downloads/

3. Save the besclient.config file.

4. Restart the BESClient, for *nix based clients execute /etc/init.d/besclient stop and then /etc/init.d/besclient start

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Modified date: 06 October 2015