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What's new in IBM Rational ClearCase version



This document contains a list of new features in IBM Rational ClearCase


The following features are new in Rational ClearCase

  • A new ClearTeam Explorer update site feature has been added to the installation process that enables users to install the ClearTeam Explorer update site without setting up a CCRC WAN Server
  • A new ClearCase UCM environment variable, called CCASE_DISABLE_FDN_REUSE, has been added. When set to TRUE, this environment variable prevents the creation of duplicate baselines when a foundation baseline has already been reused in a previous "make baseline" operation and when the baseline that has been reused resides in a PVOB which is not under the same AdminVOB hierarchy as the PVOB where the new baseline is being created. This requires extensive checking which may slow performance. This option is off by default. For more information, see the technote.
  • Support for IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM HTTP Server version 8.x, in addition to version 7.x.
  • Support for Eclipse 3.7.1
  • Performance improvements have been made to the process of comparing two labeled baselines in ClearCase UCM
  • The following new options have been added to the ClearCase integration with Visual Studio for connecting to and disconnecting from the CCRC WAN Server:
    • A "Connect" option has been added to the ClearCase menu.
    • A new toolbar called “ClearCase – Web” has been added. This toolbar contains two buttons - "Connect" and "Disconnect." To display the new toolbar in Visual Studio, select the “ClearCase – Web” option from the list of available toolbars in Visual Studio.
    • "Connect" and "Disconnect" options have been added to the context menu for ClearCase Web views listed in FrontDesk → Views.
    For more information, see the technote.

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