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A destination service might not understand WS-Addressing headers with WebSphere Process Server (WPS) Version 6.2 and later

Technote (troubleshooting)


In WebSphere Process Server Version 6.2 and later, the JAX-RPC WebService binding might include WebService Addressing (WS-A) headers for Atomic Transactions (WS-AT) in the outgoing message. If the destination service does not understand these headers, it returns an error.


You might receive a response fault from your service such as:

SOAP header CoordinationContext was not understood

A sample SOAP message might also include the following header:
<wscoor:CoordinationContext soapenv:mustUnderstand="1"


The JAX-RPC WebService bindings include these headers to support the transactional settings across web services. In some situations, an erroneous header is generated from a propagated context, Per PM23497, despite efforts to resolve the issue, there is no practical way to prevent this propagated context.


These headers are not used in WebSphere Process Server Version 6.0.2. They are often seen in WebSphere Process Server Version 6.0 to 7.0 migration scenarios.

Resolving the problem

If your service does not support these headers, you can disable them. Use one of the following approaches:

  • Disable the WS-Addressing functionality for the entire server by setting the following Java™ option:

    For more information, see the Disabling Web Services Addressing support topic in the WebSphere Application Server product documentation. This approach affects the whole server and all the applications. You can use this option if you are sure that you are not using WS-Addressing functionality. You can also try this option as a test to verify that header disablement resolves the problem.

  • Use a more fine-grained option to disable the functionality per module or per bean, which is described in APAR PM23497. After obtaining this fix, you must also configure a file to indicate which modules and beans to target for disablement. The format for the entries in the configuration file for WebSphere Process Server applications is similar to the following text:


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