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How can Amos display the 'Standardized estimates' on the drawing area?

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Executing or Calculating Estimates in the Amos program can display the 'Unstandardized estimates' in the drawing area by selecting the 'View the output path diagram' button.

When trying to view the 'Standardized estimates', the expected values do not appear. What option is required to view these values within Amos?


Standardized Estimates is not displayed by default within Amos. You will need to specify this output by opening the 'Analysis Properties' dialog window (Ctrl+A) and switching to the 'Output' tab.

Select the check box for 'Standardized estimates' and close the dialog window.

Since a new output has been selected, you will need to run the 'Calculate Estimates' (Ctrl+F9) on your Amos graphics file again in order for the 'Standardized estimates' to appear.

More information regarding further output choices can be obtained in the Amos User's Guide PDF - Optional Output section.

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