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Unable to link an asset to a work item or post work item link in a forum

Technote (troubleshooting)


Cannot create a link between a IBM Rational Asset Manager asset and a Rational Team Concert work item or post a work item link in a Forum when both products are running on the same server but on different profiles.


When creating a new asset with a Resource asset attribute in the web client, the Add link to resource link and the connection to the Rational Team Concert project area are displayed but instead of being able to create a link to a work item, the page for creating a new asset opens.


Because the Rational Asset Manager and Rational Team Concert server host names are the same but are on different WebSphere Application Server profiles, the JSESSIONID cookie is being overwritten in the session.

Since Rational Asset Manager and Rational Team Concert are deployed on different profiles, but have the same host name, when you open Rational Team Concert delegated search user interface (which requests you to log in), the JSESSIONID cookie is being overwritten. This causes the Rational Asset Manager session (and with it, the state of the modified/submitted asset) to get lost, and a blank submit page to appear after you click the save/update button.

This is due to how session cookies are bound to a host name, so the JSESSIONID (as J2EE specification-based cookie) can only hold a single session for a particular profile.

Resolving the problem

You can install Rational Asset Manager and Rational Team Concert on separate machines or use different host names for Rational Asset Manager and Rational Team Concert.

You can configure alias host names, and use different ones for each application profile. The browser will then send different JSESSIONID cookies.

Alternatively, you can set the session cookie path to the specific contexts from the WebSphere Application Server admin console for that profile.

Click Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers > your-server > Session management > Enable cookies.

For example, specify:
<server>/RAM for
<server>/RAM/ram and <server>/RAM/
<server>/RTC for

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Modified date: 21 May 2014