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What are Releases, FixPacks, iFixes, LA Fixes for the AppScan products, and how often are they delivered?


The AppScan products (AppScan Standard, AppScan Enterprise, AppScan Source) are updated with Releases, FixPacks, iFixes, NA Fixes, and Security Rules updates. You may consult the OpenMic video recording on this topic: How to apply Fixes in the AppScan products .

Releases (major releases)

    There are one or two Releases a year for the AppScan products.
    Releases of the AppScan products (Standard, Enterprise, Source) are coordinated, and released at the same date.
    Releases may contain major design changes.
    The version number of releases consists of two or three digits, for example 8.8 or 9.0.3.
    Releases go through comprehensive QA testing.
    A Release includes its own on-line product documentation, and its own download document.
    All supported Release are available for downloads at Passport Advantage.
    There are one or two FixPacks a year for the AppScan products. Some of FixPacks are coordinated and released at the same date for all AppScan (Standard, Enterprise, Source) products.
    FixPacks contain a cumulative set of products updates, and they may contain minor design changes.
    The version number of a FixPack consists of four digits, for example, or 9.0.3 FixPack 1.
    FixPacks go through comprehensive QA testing.
    A Fixpacks does not come out with it's own on-line product documentation, but they does come out with it's own download document, for example AppScan Standard
    All FixPacks are available at IBM Fix Central; Some Fixpacks are also available at Passport Advantage (AppScan Source) or through automatic updates (AppScan Standard).
iFixes (Interim Fixes, Hotfixes)
    iFixes are produced when needed, usually several fixes for each release and FixPack.
    iFixes includes a collection of fixes/patches to existing functionality in the base release.
    Version number of an iFix consists of the based version number and an iFix number, for example 9.0.3 iFix003 or iFix001.
    iFixes can be applied only to the release/fixpack for which they were generated (for example, iFix iFix001 can be applied to the fixpack version only).
    iFixes are functionally tested (they do not go through weeks of comprehensive testing).
    An iFixes is described in a Readme file that is included in the download package.
    iFixes are publically available at IBM Fix Central, or through automatic updates.
LA Fixes (Limited Availability Fix, or Hotfix)
    An LA Fix (hotfix) addresses a specific product defect reported in form of an APAR.
    LA fixes are produced when needed.
    LA fixes are functionally tested (but they do not go through weeks of comprehensive testing).
    LA fixes are described in Readme file.
    LA fixes are sent by AppScan support when needed to fix a specific issue.
Security rules update
    Security rules updates includes updates to the test policies (test definitions) in the AppScan Standard product.

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