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Only seeing 'Text value has changed' in the IBM Rational Change log file

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Is there a way to get the entire text value in the IBM Rational Change log file?


By default the CCM_TEXT and CCM_EXTENDED_TEXT WebTypes will allow for one line of text to be displayed in the Rational Change log file, the Change log is the transition log as displayed at the bottom of a CR in the Change GUI. Once a carriage return is added, the log would only display 'Text value has changed' .


This can be changed by editing the <RC_HOME>/jetty/webapps/change/WEB-INF/wsconfig/ptcli.cfg file and uncomment the following line:


Then restart Rational Change.

When entering multi-line text in a text attribute, all of the data will now display in the log.

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Software version: 5.2, 5.3

Operating system(s): Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1508836

Modified date: 06 November 2014