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How do I create a "policy" action?

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Using the Fixlet constraints in the "Take Action" dialog, you can set an action to be a "policy" action. A policy action is an action that will apply to all relevant computers now and in the future and will not expire.

Resolving the problem

To set a policy action:

  1. Choose an action in a Fixlet message that you wish to make a policy action.
  2. When the take action dialog appears, on the Target tab choose the option Dynamically target by property, and select the All Computers item in the tree view (or you can restrict the computers based upon the retrieved properties in the tree view).
  3. On the Constraints category of the Execution tab, de-select the Ends on check box.
  4. If you want the action to re-apply if the Fixlet message becomes relevant again after it was already fixed, then check the Reapply this action box and make sure the whenever it becomes relevant again radio button.
    Note: This option is important if your action will change a settings, such as Locking or Unlocking a computer, because the action may need to be performed multiple times on a single computer.
  5. Choose any other constraints as appropriate (i.e., run independent of user presence, on failure retry, etc.).

After the policy action is set, BigFix Clients will automatically perform the action when a Fixlet message becomes relevant.

Note: Policy actions will always remain in the "Open" state in the Action list.

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