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Recommendations to achieve the best results with Notes/Domino Failover functionality

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This document provides recommendations on how to achieve the best results with Notes/Domino Failover functionality. The Notes client failover functionality provides the capability for users to continue working with little or no interruption when the currently accessed Domino server is no longer available and a clustermate has been configured and is online.

Resolving the problem


#1 - Use Managed Mail Replicas
In 8.5.2 the client introduced the concept of a Managed Mail Replica allowing a user to continue to work with the mail database regardless of whether the server was available. It is recommended that this capability be utilized so as to avoid failover issues. For detailed information on Managed Mail Replicas, refer to the following resources:
#2 - Enable "FailoverSilent" notes.ini variable
In certain circumstances the Notes client will prompt to inform the user that the current server is no longer available and that it will fail over to a new one. These messages may cause uncertainty for the end user. Enable via policy the "FailoverSilent" notes.ini variable, which will minimize any failover-related messages or dialogs being displayed to users. By applying the "Enable silent failover when a server goes down" Desktop Policy setting (Desktop Settings -> Mail- > Client Settings), users will rarely encounter any prompts.

#3 - If fail over to secondary cluster server fails...
In cases when users encounter issues with Notes failing over to the secondary cluster server, users should simply close all the instances of the mail database from the server which is currently down, and retry opening the mail file, which will automatically find the right server to connect to and open from. The operations can then be performed on the newly opened mail database.

Troubleshooting & Collecting Data

Should it become necessary to troubleshoot specific failover issues, refer to the following technote for recommendations on capturing specific diagnostic data to provide to IBM Support.

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