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When the Jazz SSL certificate changes, re-import it into Rational DOORS

Technote (troubleshooting)


An error occurred while starting the Rational DOORS RQMi server. The error message states:

ERROR: IOException: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target.

DOORS: version 9.3
QM: build CALM-I20110514-0100


The SSLHandshakeException displays while starting the DOORS9.3 RQMi Server.


The Jazz SSL certificate, which is used by the DOORS RQMi server, changed before it could be included in the latest version of DOORS RQMi.


Windows, Linux

Diagnosing the problem

The Jazz SSL certificate was updated in Jazz Foundation, causing it to be inconsistent with the certificate used in DOORS 9.3--Version of the DOORS RQMi server will contain the correct version of the Jazz SSL certificate.

Resolving the problem

Upgrade to version of the DOORS RQMi server. If this problem occurs before you can upgrade, re-import the Jazz SSL certificate into DOORS RQMi server following these steps:

1. Get the self signed SSL certificate from the RQM server.

For Internet Explorer:

For Firefox – if the certificate has already been accepted:

1. Tools Settings
2. Advanced Encryption

IBM localhost

Select your RQM server


For Firefox – if the certificate has not been accepted:

2. Open a command prompt

3. CD to the < DOORS Installation Directory>\ibm_jre\bin directory

4. Run the following command to import the certificate to generate a new trustStore in the DOORS server:

keytool -import -alias localhost -file <complete path to the certificate your downloaded> -keystore <DOORS INSTALLATION DIRECTORY>\RQMInterface\Server\IM\certificates\jssecacerts.

When prompted for the DOORS key Store password, enter Rational.

3. Be sure that the following argument is added to the Java command in the RQMI serversstart.bat script to use the new trustStore:

For more information, see the following Help topic in the DOORS information center:

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