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Creating a custom column in Job Monitor for IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture

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How to create a custom column in the Taskmaster Web Job Monitor.


It is possible to add custom columns to the Job Monitor. These custom columns can then be sorted and filtered on if desired.


To Add a Column

  1. In the tmBatch table in the engine database, add a column, giving it the desired name preceded with pb_ (ex: pb_MyColumn).
  2. Save the table.
  3. Update the JMView and JobMonitor views.
    • For SQL, also do the following:
      1. Open the JMView view for design.
      2. Delete each item appearing in the 'Alias' column.
      3. Press the ! (exclamation mark) icon.
      4. Save the view.
      5. Open the JobMonitor view for design.
      6. Delete each item appearing in the 'Alias' column.
      7. Press the ! (exclamation mark) icon.
      8. Save the view.
    • For Oracle:
      1. Use an Oracle database tool to add the newly created column (e.g. pb_MyColumn) into the JMView and JobMonitor views.
      2. Execute the changes.
      3. Save the views.
    • For DB2
      1. Use a DB2 Administrative tool to add the newly created column (e.g. pb_MyColumn) into the JMView and JobMonitor views.
      2. Save the views.
  4. Restart Taskmaster Server.

To Populate the Column with Custom Actions

  • If using a Batch Pilot form, the following command is used.
    pilot.XtraBatchFieldValue("pb_MyColumn") = "my value"
  • If using a Rulerunner action, the pilot.XtraBatchFieldValue parameter must be upper-case. For example:
    sValue = pilot.XtraBatchFieldValue("PB_MYCOLUMN")
  • The value passed to the property must be valid for the database field. That is, it cannot exceed the maximum number of characters that can be held in the database field or contain characters not valid for that field type.

Direct queries to the database, such as with SmartSQL, cannot be used, as the entry will be overwritten when the task completes.

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