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How to Apply an Installation Manager Fix for the IBM Debugger for AIX

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This technote introduces the installation instructions for applying an Installation Manager fix for IBM Debugger for AIX.


- IBM Debugger for AIX installed on Windows. If you want to debug your applications, the debugger must also be installed on AIX

- IBM Installation Manager installed on Windows, which is installed with IBM Debugger for AIX

Installing the fix:
1. Download the IBM Installation Manager fix package.
2. Extract the downloaded package to a location accessible to your workstation.
3. Start IBM Installation Manager (IM).
4. Click File > Preferences... .
5. Select Repositories in the left navigation tree, and add the location of the extracted file "repository.config".
6. Press OK.
7. Select Update on the IM main screen.
8. Choose to update IBM Debugger for AIX.
9. Follow the wizard to complete the installation.

Validating the fix:
1. In the IM, choose File > View Installed Packages, and confirm that the release level for IBM Debugger for AIX has increased.
2. Start the IBM Debugger, and choose Help > About IBM Debugger for AIX.
    a) Click the on the purple globe icon.
    b) Confirm that the 'Debug UI Plug-in' feature is at the appropriate level .

Uninstalling the fix:
1. Open the IM and select Roll Back.
2. Choose IBM Debugger for AIX.
3. Press Next.
4. Select the PTF update you want to uninstall.
5. Choose Next to confirm the package that you want to uninstall.
6. Press Roll Back.

Cross Reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development XL C for AIX Debugger/Performance Analyzer AIX 11.1
Software Development COBOL for AIX Distributed Debugger AIX 4.1

Document information

More support for: XL C/C++ for AIX

Software version: 11.1

Operating system(s): AIX

Reference #: 1497865

Modified date: 20 May 2011