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How to install Rational License Key Server 8.1.x on Microsoft Windows

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How do your install IBM Rational License Key Server 8.1.x on Microsoft Windows?


To use floating licenses with most Rational products, you must obtain floating license keys and install them on a IBM Rational LicenseServer. The Rational License Server is an application that serves floating license keys to the Rational products running on remote client machines or on the same machine as the license server.


To install the Rational License Key Server:

  1. Log in as a user with administrator rights on the local computer on which you want to install the product

  2. Extract the installation files for Rational License Key Server
    See Technote 1265239 - where you can get the Rational License Key Server

  3. Navigate to the //RLKSSERVER_SETUP/disk1 directory

  4. Double-click launchpad.exe
    The IBM Rational License Key Server splash screen opens

  5. Read the release information by clicking Readme

  6. Click Install or Update IBM Rational License Key Server to open the Installation Manager interface
    If IBM Installation Manager is not installed or the installed version of Installation Manager is an earlier version than the Installation Manager version shipped with Rational License Key Server, you must install Installation Manager before installing Rational License Key Server:
    1. Installation Manager opens to the Install Packages window
      Only Installation Manager is listed, Rational License Key Server is not listed
    2. Follow the instructions in the Install wizard to install Installation Manager
    3. Click Restart Installation Manager when the installation complete

  7. Click Install to install Rational License Key Server

  8. Select Rational License Key Server. Click Next

  9. Click Next after the prerequisites are validated
    To validate prerequisites again, click Recheck Status located in the lower right corner

  10. Accept the license agreement
    Click Next

  11. For both the Shared Resources directory and Installation Manager directory locations, either accept the default value or enter a different directory location
    Click Next

    You cannot change the location of the Shared Resources directory after Installation Manager is installed

    Default values:
    Shared Resources directory: C:\Program Files\IBM\IMShared
    Installation Manager directory: C:\Program Files\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse

  12. Accept the default installation directory for the license server or enter a different installation directory
    The default installation directory is: C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalRLKS

  13. Select additional languages to install
    Click Next

  14. Review the features to install
    Click Next

  15. Click Install

  16. Click Finish


  • For IPv6, the IPv6 stack must be enabled on Windows before you install the Rational License Key Server.
  • You cannot upgrade from an earlier release of Rational License Key Server. If you have Rational License Server 7.1 or earlier installed, you must uninstall the license server before installing Rational License Key Server 8.x. You cannot upgrade license servers versions 7.1 or earlier to version 8.x.
  • Rational License Key Server version 8.x cannot be on the same computer as IBM Rational Common License version 7.1 or earlier and IBM Rational License Server TL 2.0.

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Modified date: 31 March 2011