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How to export and import shared reports in Change 5.2 using Apache Directory Studio

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How do you export and import shared preferences from one IBM Rational Change 5.2 installation to another using Apache Directory Studio tool?


The preference load perl script for _SHARED_PREFERENCES does not load the preferences correctly in Rational Change installation.


Here is the procedure to transfer the _SHARED_PREFERENCES from one IBM Rational Directory Server to another.

Note: Create a valid backup of each Rational Directory Server installation and then proceed with the steps.

Refer to 'Backing up the Rational Directory Server' on page 11 of the IBM Rational Directory Server Administration Guide for backup instructions.

In the following example, preferences are transferred from server (A) to another (B).

  1. Install Apache Directory Studio from the link:

  2. Create a new connection for both Rational Directory Servers A and B.

    Network Parameters
    No Encryption


    Simple Authentication
    user -> uid=tdsadmin,ou=people,dc=telelogic,dc=com
    password -> <tdsadmin password>


  3. Open Connection in Rational Directory Server A.

  4. In the LDAP explorer go to dc=telelogic,dc=com > ou=Applications > ou=Preferences > cn=_SHARED_PREFERENCES.

  5. Right click cn=_SHARED_PREFERENCES

  6. Select export > LDIF Export > next.
    Give a file name and save the export file.

  7. Open connection in receiving Rational Directory Server B.

  8. In the LDAP explorer go to dc=telelogic,dc=com > ou=Applications > ou=Preferences > cn=_SHARED_PREFERENCES

  9. Right click cn=_SHARED_PREFERENCES

  10. Click Delete

  11. Right click ou=Preferences

  12. Click Import > LDIF import

  13. Choose previous LDIF export file.

  14. Uncheck enable logging

  15. Click Finish.

  16. Verify that the cn=_SHARED_PREFERENCES entry has been updated in Rational Directory Server B.

  17. Restart Rational Directory Server B and Rational Change installation linked to Rational Directory Server B.

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