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What are the new features of Rational® ClearQuest® version


This document now describes new features in V7.1.2.2.

New Help configuration options

Rational ClearQuest V7.1.2.2 provides new options for configuring access to the Help. During installation, you can choose from three access options, but you can change the way you access the Help at any time:

  • You can access the Help directly from the IBM information center.
  • You can download the Help from the IBM information center to your computer and access it locally.
  • You can download the Help from the IBM information center and create an intranet information center. Users access the Help from your information center.

Documentation for administering and accessing the Rational ClearQuest Help is available at

Additional information is available in the following technote: Knowledge Collection: Rational ClearQuest Help configuration and troubleshooting information.

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