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ActiveX Control change in Lotus Quickr for Domino Fix Pack requires users to accept update

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What steps should you take after applying a fix pack to update the ActiveX control for users? How can you tell if a fix pack contains an updated ActiveX control, namely file?


If there is a change in a fix pack to correct a problem in the ActiveX control, then users will be prompted to install the newly updated control when they next access Quickr after you deploy the fix pack. This behavior is normal. Inform your users to accept this installation for full Quickr functionality.

Users will be prompted to install the Lotus Quickr add-on, the updated ActiveX control, in Microsoft Internet Explorer as shown below.

Screen capture of add-on dialog box:

Security warning dialog:

Fix Packs containing an updated file

The readme document that accompanies the fix packs makes note of this change for the ActiveX control, the file, in a section titled "Important information before beginning install" or "Information for customers with locked down client environments." The readme will indicate the last time the was updated.

    Example from from Quickr 8.2 Fix Pack 21:

    Information for customers with locked down client environments:
    This current build, dated 2011/04/27 does not have an updated
    But an interim FP, dated 2011/03/10, does have an updated
    The previous most recent update to is in dated 2010/12/21.

The following fix packs include a change for the ActiveX control:

Lotus Quickr 8.2

  • Fix Pack 28
  • Fix Pack 26 (dated 20 March 2012)
  • Fix Pack 21
  • Fix Pack 19

Lotus Quickr 8.5.1
  • Fix Pack 39
  • Fix Pack 34 for Quickr on Domino 8.5.3


The readme includes a Troubleshooting section with steps to take for browser problems, excerpt as follows:

  • If users have unexpected results after applying this update, they should clear their browser’s cache. The user can also clear the Java cache, which is located in the Control Panel and may be named something like Java Plug-In or Java Control Panel. Go into this applet and find the Cache settings, there should be a way to clear the cache from there.
  • If users are having problems in Internet Explorer, they should remove the Lotus Quickr ActiveX control. The user will be prompted to install the ActiveX the next time they browse to a Quickr Place.

Instructions to remove the ActiveX control as a troubleshooting step are also in the fix pack's readme document.

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