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New web types introduced with IBM Rational Change 5.2

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Information regarding the new web types in IBM Rational Change 5.2


The new or upgraded web types are:

  • CCM_VISUAL_STATUS - Visual Status
    Provide context for the current change request, a visual indication marks the current state within the complete change process. If a CR in a non-primary path state is displayed, the visual status simply shows the one state without any other transitions / states.
  • CCM_PAGE_NAVIGATE - Page Navigation
    Quick navigation within the Change Request to optionally color-coded sections of the page. It expect the relevant CCM_START_SEC and CCM_END_SEC attributes to be set.
  • CCM_PROGRESS_BAR - Progress Bar Indicator
    A simple progress bar indicator for the total effort to the actual effort taken to complete the Change Request.
    A CR subscription feature allows users to subscribe to a CR. Once subscribed, a user will receive email notifications when the CR is updated by another user. A new attribute web type, CCM_SUBSCRIPTION, has been introduced for this purpose.
    The web type CCM_ANNOTATED_TEXT provides a very simplistic discussion mechanism.
    Text editor with formatting options.

For examples on how to use those web types, please refer to the documentation and the examples lifecycles provided with Change, dev_process and ECP_process.

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