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Unable to open RequisiteWeb help after performing an update

Technote (troubleshooting)


After updating IBM Rational RequisitePro from version 7.1.1, 7.1.2 or 7.1.3 to a newer version, the help for the Rational RequisitePro client for web (RequisiteWeb) does not display and an error message is shown.


All the links to the RequisiteWeb help return a HTTP 404 error: page not found.


This problem is due server information that is not updated during the update process.

Resolving the problem

To solve the issue, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.
    2. Stop the following service: IBM WebSphere Application Server - RWP ReqWeb Servlet.
      The WAS versions can be 7 or 8 for Rational RequisitePro 7.1.3.x, or WAS version 6.1 for Rational RequisitePro versions 7.1.1.x and 7.1.2.x.
    3. Clean the temp folder files. Open the temp folder in one of the following locations and delete its content. By default, the install location is C:\Program Files\IBM.

      For Rational RequisitePro versions 7.1.3.x:
      install location\RationalSDLC\common\reqwebprofile\temp

      For Rational RequisitePro versions 7.1.1.x and 7.1.2.x:
      install location\RationalSDLC\profiles\profile2\temp

    4. Start the service: IBM WebSphere Application Server - RWP ReqWeb Servlet.
    5. Wait approximately five minutes until the cache is recreated.

Note: To know if the cache was completely recreated, check the size of the content in the following directory: install location\RationalSDLC\profiles\profile2\temp.
It should be approximately 60 MB.

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