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How to clone work items

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How do you duplicate (copy) a work item in IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC)?


You want to re-use information from the original work item in the new work item.


You can clone work items in the RTC Eclipse client but not in the web UI.

  • Cloning work items in the RTC Eclipse client

    To clone work items in Eclipse client, follow these steps.

    1. Open the work item that you want to clone.

    2. Click the arrow next to work item number.

    3. From the menu choose the Duplicate option.

      Since RTC 4.0.1 the option is called Create Work Item Copy...

  • Cloning work items in RTC web user interface

    It is currently not possible to clone work items using the RTC web user interface.
    An Enhancement Work Item has been submitted requesting this feature for a future version of RTC.
    See the entry Enhancement 113766: Provide "Create Work Item Copy..." action in the Web UI.

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