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How to use API debugging with Rational Quality Manager

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How can you use the IBM Rational Quality Manager API debugging?


The API can be a useful tool for debugging problems.

It is useful in two ways:

  1. It allows you to bypass the UI and get directly to the data. This allows you to differentiate between issues of bad/corrupt data and UI problems.
  2. The API is used by a number of external tools. All of the migration tools, the Rational Quality Manager Copy Utility and the RCR/Insight ETLs all make use of the API. Often you can look at the logs from those tools to see what call they were making at the time of the failure. You can then go directly to the API and attempt that same call to see what happens.


Useful Services The API has a lot of functionality, but the following are the calls that you’ll find to be the most useful.

Project feed
Useful for this is to get the project alias’.

Note: The following URL/URIs are samples and are not necessarily going to work unless you have
Rational Quality Manager installed and are used as an example to build your own URL/URI based on your in Rational Quality Manager instance.

Resource Feed
Useful for seeing what resources are in the repository.

gets a feed containing a summary of the resources.


gets a feed containing the full resources.

The number of resources returned in a feed is limited. The limit is 50 out of the box, but can be changed at Admin->Jazz Server Administration->Advanced Properties->RQM Integration Component-.Max Feed Entries/Page up to a limit of 1000 resources.

The feed includes links to other pages that look like:

<link rel="next" href="https://localhost:9443/jazz/secure/service/;page=1"/>

To use the links paste them in the browser but change the “&amp;” to a “&”.

Resource URL
This is useful for seeing the details of a resource. It can be used to confirm that the data is correct if it looks wrong in the UI.

Resource Snapshot URL
This is the same as a resource URL but it allows the viewing of a snapshot.

Common Error Codes
400 – On a PUT, this usually means that the XML is mal-formed.
401 – This almost always indicates that the project alias is incorrect
404 – This indicates that the requested resource wasn’t found.
500 – General Error. Usually you can find out what happened by looking in the response body or by looking in the Rational Quality Manager.log.
502 - Means that the URL is wrong somewhere.

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