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How to automatically start Rational Directory Server during Windows startup

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How do you configure IBM Rational Directory Server to automatically start during the Microsoft Windows startup procedure?


The Rational Directory Server and Rational Directory Administrator do not start automatically when Microsoft Windows server is restarted.


To automatically start the Rational Directory Server or Rational Directory Administrator at Windows startup, you need to create a Scheduled Task.

Below are the steps to add the Rational Directory Server to a Scheduled Task.

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Schedule Tasks > Add Scheduled Task

  2. Click Next in the Scheduled Task Wizard dialog

  3. For the Rational Directory Server, browse to the start_rds_server.bat file
    By default the location is C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\RDS_5.1\RDSUtility

    For the Rational Directory Administrator, browse to the Start_RDAWebServer.bat file
    By default the location is C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\RDS_5.1\WebAccessServer

  4. Select the When my computer starts radio button under 'Perform this task'

  5. Click Next

  6. Enter the username and password of the user that will be starting the task at Microsoft Windows startup.

The last dialog will confirm the scheduled task creation.

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Modified date: 21 June 2010