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FLEXlm Error -103 with Authorized User license on Microsoft Windows Virtual PC

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This error occurs when starting an IBM Rational PurifyPlus for windows on a Microsoft Windows Virtual PC. The Microsoft Windows Virtual PC is running Microsoft Windows XP. Microsoft Windows Virtual PC has an Authorized User (AU) license for that IBM Rational PurifyPlus for windows. It acts like you are connected to remote computer through Remote Desktop or a Terminal server client.


Failed to checkout a key for Rational PurifyPlus for Microsoft Windows NT:

FLEXlm Error -103: Terminal Server remote client not allowed.

FLEXlm Error -15: Cannot connect to license server.

This will only be seen on Windows 7 as it only supports Microsoft Windows Virtual PC. It is a feature of Windows 7, provides the capability to run multiple Windows environments such as Windows XP Mode from your Windows 7


When you attempt to launch IBM Rational PurifyPlus 7.0.1 for windows it acts like it tries to connect to a license server. The Rational product only works with a floating license, when you control that computer remotely.


Microsoft Windows Virtual PC running Microsoft Windows XP

Resolving the problem

To move past this issue:

  1. Install the Rational License Server.
  2. Import the "IBM Rational PurifyPlus for Windows floating License Key"
  3. Set the Client/Server configuration from IBM Rational License Key Administrator with the host details of your License Server.
  4. Set the correct License Usage Order from IBM Rational License Key Administrator.
  5. Launch Rational PurifyPlus

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More support for: Rational License Key Server

Software version: 7.0.1

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1428904

Modified date: 11 June 2011