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How to reduce size of the generated code in Rational Rhapsody

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How do you reduce the size of the generated code in IBM Rational Rhapsody?


Reducing the size of the generated code would help you in removing the unwanted section of generated code.


In order to reduce the size of generated code, use one of the following methods :

Method 1: Unchecking of undesired Properties

Unchecking of specific code generating properties would render some aspects of the code from not being generated.

Method 2: Using IDF or NOF

Interrupt Driven Framework or No Framework are customized / customizable framework / property settings that take away the OXF (framework) dependencies from the generated code.

Method 3: Customizing code generation rules

This can be achieved by making use of Rational RulesComposer, an utility provided along with Rational Rhapsody which helps you to create customizable code generation rules. This would make the generated code independent of the OXF dependency

Method 4: Using Post Processing Scripts

Usage of Post Processing script to remove unwanted generated code (like comments, dead code)

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