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Is it possible to prevent certain names from being added to Recent Contacts?

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Is it possible to prevent certain names from being added to Recent Contacts?


You can populate the DPABRemoveRule notes.ini variable to exclude specific domains or words from being added to Recent Contacts.

Filter a single word
To filter a single word (for example, a company domain), add the word to the DPABRemoveRule= variable. For example, to exclude addresses or, you would set...


Filter multiple words:
To exclude multiple addresses, simply add the domain names separated by commas. For example:
    DPABRemoveRule=mouse, cat, tiger 

Note: In addition to the DPABRemoveRule list, you can also set DPABRemoveRuleSetting=1 so that addresses containing sub-strings =exchange and /exchange will also be filtered without being explicitly added to the list.

Testing the parameter proved as follows:

1) Set DPABRemoveRule=ibm

RESULT: was not added to Recent Contacts
test A/North Reading/IBM was added to recent contacts

2) Added DPABRemoveRuleSetting=1

RESULT: test B/North Reading/IBM was NOT added.

Our testing indicates DPABRemoveRuleSetting=1 ensures /IBM doesn't get added to Recent Contacts (basically internal address), without this parameter, internal hierarchical addresses were added to the recent contacts.

When testing, be sure to use addresses that have never been in use before. After deleting Recent contacts, and testing with addresses that may have been in contact with before yielded unexpected results. Sometimes these contacts are still in the $users of the Contacts database and this is where the Recent Contacts is populated from.

NOTE: Starting in Notes 8.5.1 Fix Pack 4, the DPABRemoveRule ini setting will be able to detect and automatically eliminate duplicate entries already in Recent Contacts ( Fix Details: SPR# YGAO7QQHPD)

Also, Setting the DPABRemoveRule=xxx will not allow address containing xxx to be added to recent contacts. In addition, when recent contact sync runs, the recent contacts with addresses containing xxx will be removed.

Normally Recent Contacts Sync happens once per week.
Recent contacts Sync is related to Notes.ini
NEXTDPABSYNC=06/02/2011 03:37:09 PM Default is at promote time when not present
DPAB_PROMOTE_INC=30 Defaults 30 minutes when not present. This line governs how often the dip files are updated. Good for speeding up the process of ADDING contacts to recent contacts.
NABEntriesSyncInterval=7*24*60 Defaults 7 days in minutes when not present. This is good for speeding up when the recent contacts will sync, and when DPABRemoveRule= will act. This is good for speeding up the process of removing bad recent contacts from the PNAB

1. Changing the sync interval impacts server performance.

2. All of the lines discussed in this technote only work if Recent Contacts are enabled. If Recent Contacts are disabled, (DisableDPABProcessing=1 in the Notes.ini), then these lines will not take effect. NEXTDPABSYNC= will remain a date in the past, and DPAB_PROMOTE_INC= and NABEntriesSyncInterval will never take effect.

Whenever a user sends mail or opens and closes mail, the code checks for promote time (30 minutes interval by default). At this time it also checks for NEXTDPABSYNC time. When doing sync, the address containing a DPABRemoveRule will be removed from Recent Contacts.

Furthermore, The DPABRemoveRule items are just strings. The code checks for an address that contains any of the strings in DPABRemoveRule. The only problem with setting user's names explicitly, is that there is a 1000 byte buffer limit for the DPABRemoveRule.

For more detailed information on this topic, see the Wiki article titled

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