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How to clone an IBM InfoSphere Guardium Virtual Machine

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How do I clone a Guardium Virtual Machine?


The IBM InfoSphere Guardium Virtual Machine (VM) is a software-only solution licensed and installed on a guest virtual machine such as VMware ESX Server.
IBM InfoSphere Guardium have tested and verified installation of the Guardium appliance in VMWare ESX server and that is the supported and recommended configuration. While installing the appliance in a regular VMWare virtual machine will work, its performance may suffer, leading to backlog and possible instability of the Guardium components like the sniffer.

The appliance must not be installed in a Windows PC that is shared for other purposes, owing to performance considerations. The appliance must be installed in a host that is dedicated for it.

This document addresses the steps required to clone an instance of IBM InfoSphere Guardium Virtual Machine.

For information on how to install IBM InfoSphere Guardium in a Virtual Machine, please refer to:

*** Note *** - a technote has been created for Cloning v10.1 (v10.0p100) and later versions which has an amended procedure which should be followed for those versions

Below are instructions for pre v10.1 versions (v10.0 and earlier)


  • A cloned Guardium Virtual Appliance
  • Hostname
  • Network attributes like IP address, resolver and default route
  • Appliance Global ID

Clone a working Guardium Virtual Appliance

IBM InfoSphere Guardium have tested and verified installation of the Guardium appliance in VMWare ESX server and that is the supported and recommended configuration.

Please consult your virtualization software vendor's documentation for information on cloning a virtual appliance.

Please ensure that the clone is full and not linked. The virtual appliance must be fully self contained

A Collector can be cloned for use only as a Collector. Once configured as a Collector, it is not possible to change the unit type to an Aggregator or a Central Manager, due to differences in the underlying database structure. The role of Aggregator and a Central Manager can be switched between the two, but not as a Collector. Please refer to the Guardium documentation for configuring an appliance as a Collector, Aggregator or a Central Manager.

Appliance Global ID

The appliance Global ID is a number that uniquely identifies it in your network of Guardium appliances.

The Global ID can be any number, so long as it is unique. During the cloning process this unique number is necessary. Please obtain the Global IDs from your other appliances and arrive at a number that is unique for this clone.

Configure the clone

Bring up the new VM. If it asks if you moved or copied the VM, please answer with "copy", as this will enable the virtualization software to configure new parameters like MAC address for the clone.
  1. Log into the appliance as user CLI
  2. Run "show network macs". If this returns an empty string, the MAC address has not been properly setup for the clone.
    1. Run "store network interface inventory". The appliance will warn about resetting the NICs. Respond with "y"
    2. Restart the system by running "restart system"
  3. Log into the appliance again as user CLI
  4. Set the IP address, defaultroute and resolver as necessary.
  5. Set the hostname for the clone. This will cause Guardium to recalculate a unique ID for your appliance.
  6. Perform any other configuration like time zone, NTP server as necessary.
  7. Restart the system by running "restart system"
  8. Log into the appliance again as user CLI
  9. Store the global ID by running store product gid <gid_value>
  10. Verify the global ID by running show product gid
  11. Restart the system if requested

Configuring a Guardium Appliance

Documentation is available online in any Guardium appliance that can be accessed via the GUI. Log into the appliance GUI and click on the "?" icon in the top right corner. You can browse the documentation online or download the material as PDF files.


If you have trouble setting up the clone, please contact the IBM Guardium Technical Support for assistance.

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